Need Some Makeup Inspo? These Beauty Vloggers Will Take Your Look From Day to Night

Need Some Makeup Inspo? These Beauty Vloggers Will Take Your Look From Day to Night

In the last 15 years Youtube has become the go-to source for makeup inspiration. Everyday millions and millions of people search for beauty vloggers, makeup tutorials, and advice on how how to achieve that flawless red carpet look. If only this option was available when we first started to apply makeup! Some of these vloggers are makeup artists by trade; while others are just really damn good at it. Here’s a list of vloggers that will inspire you to step up your makeup game.

What makes Gothamista a great vlogger is that she looks into the products she puts on her skin and only uses the healthiest ingredients, while giving honest reviews of what's best for overall skin health.

ItsMyRayeRaye gives amazing makeup tutorials and tests out the newest products and brands so you’ll know which ones to run out and purchase. She’s also fun to watch and gets you laughing with her friendly personality.

Nicole Guerriero eye tutorials are incredible. She gives expert advice on how to use different eyeshadows combined with colored eyeliner, which is perfect when you want to switch up your day routine and go for a bolder look at night.

Harry is a former celebrity makeup artist who’s work has been featured in Vogue. She has a variety of videos, makeup tutorials for busy moms and advice on how to achieve the best look for a holiday party. She gives tons of industry tips and her videos replicates red carpet looks.

Farah has a knack for literally everything and anything. She gives impressive pointers and specializes in makeup tutorials for all the trending looks. Beside her YouTube videos she also has an Instagram account that you can follow to see when a new video will be up. They are always a must-see.

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