Crafting the Perfect Thank You Note

crafting the perfect thank you note

Crafting the Perfect Thank You Note

Thank you notes are an excellent way to show appreciation to people who have positively impacted your life. Crafting the perfect thank you note is important as you briefly highlight what you are thanking the recipient for. They can be used as correspondence for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas, after a job interview, or just to simply show your appreciation. Below we have included some basic etiquette tips, and we will show you how to write a meaningful message that will leave a lasting impression. We’ve also included some of our favorite note cards to ensure your show of gratitude arrives in style.

Thank You Note Tips

The Outline

1. Determine the  type of greeting.

2. Display thanks for a gift, help, etc.

3. Elaborate on appreciation; how the gift will be used or how their help was beneficial.

4. Make the person aware that you're thinking of them and suggest future plans.

5. Closure.


  • Choosing your stationery - Base your choice of stationery on the type of thank you note that you will be composing.

  • Who / What / When? - Ask yourself these three questions before beginning. Who are you thanking? What are you thanking them for? When should you send the thank you note?

  • Focus on the person, not yourself - Only focus on how their intentions created thankfulness.

  • Be sincere -  If you do not like the gift, do not state it.

  • Bring up previous interactions - Point out other times the person made you feel special.

  • Check spelling!!! - Save yourself the embarrassment.

  • Be concise - A thank you note should be straight to the point so do not ramble.

  • Determine delivery method - Will you give the thank you note to the individual personally or will you mail the thank you note to them?

Thank You Note Stationery

On what occasions do you send thank you notes? Comment below! 
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