People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box Is The Perfect Gift This Season

People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box Is The Perfect Gift This Season

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved snacking. It feels like every day I cave into a bag of chips, cookies, or maybe some candy in between big meals. I’m so into having a quick nibble that I am always looking for new treats to enjoy. So when I was given the People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box to test out, I was ecstatic to begin trying it.

The box came with eight different types of jerky. I have to admit, before receiving this box I didn’t know much about beef jerky. Looking through my new box of snacks, I noticed a large variety of flavors and ingredients. Some had a great, classic taste while others had a whole new kick that I’ve never experienced before. I was not only impressed by the powerful flavors, but also by the fact that People’s Choice Beef Jerky continues the tradition on how they make their product since the 1920’s.

People's Choice comes from a strong relationship between fathers and their sons, creating a business that is set to please the mouths of tons across Los Angeles. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, their slogan has always stayed “Made with Purpose”. After personally trying the famous beef jerky, I can say the individual attention each piece receives when being made, is tasted in every bite! I tried eight different flavors, all with their own specific touch.

People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

The Perfect Gift This Season

People’s Choice offers a variety of jerky boxes that would make the perfect Christmas gift this year. The boxes range between $23 - $71 and come in a variety of flavor themes, like Simple and Savory, Sweet Tooth, Some Like It Hot, Health Nut, and One-Of-Everything. Another cool feature they offer is that  you have a choice between buying a one time box or enrolling in a monthly subscription and receiving a discount. They also offer individual bags for $6, which would make great stocking stuffers. Continue reading to see how you can win a People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box.

People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

Carne Seca : Limon con Chile

The first bag I went for was the one that seemed the most intriguing to me, Lime and Chili. My first bite left my mouth full of flavor. It was tangy yet savory, a perfect balance of the two. With each bite it crumbled away nicely while still having a good chew. The spice in this was mild with great overall flavor.

Classic : Hot and Spicy

Biting into the Classic Hot and Spicy, it barely took a second for my mouth to start feeling the heat. The texture of the beef itself was a good amount of tough, allowing the spiciness to really pop. As for the heat, this has a really enjoyable kick to it that won't leave you running for a glass of water.

People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

Sweet Chili Habanero

As soon as I opened the bag of Sweet Chili Habanero, I could smell the powerful flavors and spices. The smell itself had a combination of spicy and sweet, so I was curious how this would taste. Chewing into it, I was first hit with a delicious caramel/candy apple taste followed by a hot punch that makes the perfect pair. It left me wanting to take another bite, or several.

Garlic Ginger

Garlic Ginger was another unique taste I’ve never thought of for beef jerky. Both of these delicious flavors were very apparent with each bite. I was reminded of a Bulgogi marinated style beef that was extremely flavorful. The jerky itself was perfect. Not too chewy or too soft.

Cowboy Peppered

This choice has a special flavor added to it called “the liquid smoke” making this a perfect treat. It’s not too smoky to make it overpowering; yet still there to add an extra zing to the spices used. I also noticed a slight BBQ flavor. Along with the good consistency of the beef, this was a perfect selection.

Orange Honey Teriyaki

Orange Honey Teriyaki is another flavor that I’ve never come across. It is unlike any other beef jerky I have ever tried before. The taste was very sweet, in a good way. The combination reminded me of an Asian sweet and tangy meal that would be followed by a fortune cookie. I loved the exotic difference of this one!

People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

Old Fashioned : Hot and Spicy

If you love the flavor of classic beef jerky with a little heat (which I do), then this is the perfect snack. The texture is great, giving a great chew and a nice spicy sensation. A perfect go to for anyone looking to fill that specific warm and spicy craving.

Old Fashioned : Original

This is traditional, straight up beef jerky we all know and love. Like the rest of the People’s Choice selections, the consistency of this is amazing with a delicious beef flavor. In every bite, I could recognize that this had the perfect cuts and just enough flavor.

How To Win A Box

@pcbeefjerky and @agirlinla are going to be giving one lucky winner a People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box just like mine! The Instagram contest starts on December 6th and a winner will be randomly chosen on December 12th at 12am PT, and notified via IG messenger. View the official rules here.

-How to Enter-

-Follow @agirlinla and @pcbeefjerky (we will check).

-Like this post.

-Tag at least 3 friends.

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