How Adorable Are These Rock n Air Plants? PS: We’re Giving One Away!

Rock n air plants

How Adorable Are These Rock n Air Plants? PS: We’re Giving One Away!

A few years ago I got into the crystal craze and started collecting beautiful minerals that are now displayed throughout my apartment. When I saw these cute air plants by Rock n Air I had to add them to my growing collection.

Rock n Air plants are handmade in Los Angeles by its founder Kim Leake. You can order these babies on her Etsy shop where she sells an assortment of plants and crystals in different shapes and sizes. They’re all one-of-a-kind and very unique. Each plant includes free shipping and comes packaged in a white gift box, tied with a black grosgrain ribbon. You can choose between different sayings to display on the box like GRL PWR, Hug, Smile, Sassy Since Birth, and more. As you open it, you’ll find your crystal and plant packaged securely along with directions on how to care for your critter, a miniature spray bottle for watering, and a card that tells you the healing energy of the crystal.

Rock n air plants

I received a clear quartz crystal and an amethyst crystal dipped in gold. I displayed them in my bedroom since they go with my color scheme and look stunning on my silver dresser. I love how the light catches the crystals and they sparkle in the afternoon sunlight. Each has its own benefits that can help align your chakra. The clear quartz is seen as a healer. It’s said to enhance spiritual wisdom and promote clarity of the mind. It’s also known to amplify energy and thought. The amethyst is identified as a protective stone and it neutralizes negative energy. It also works to calm the mind and spirit.

Rock n air plants
Rock n Air Plants

As soon as I opened the box, I followed the simple instructions. The first step was to soak the plants in room temperature water for 10 minutes in order to rehydrate them. I then shook off any excess water and placed them upside down on a paper towel overnight. The following morning I put them in the wire and they were ready to be displayed. Caring for the plants is easy; I mist them 2-3 times a week, and once a week I hold the plants upside down under running water for a few seconds and let them dry before putting them back in their wires. These air plants thrive indoors in bright indirect sunlight, or under fluorescent lighting.

The Rock n Air plants come in an assortment of sizes. The crystals range between 2” to 5” in width and the height varies between 1.5” to 3”. The prices vary between $15 to $45 dollars making them the ideal gift to give friends, sisters, girlfriends, and bridesmaids. You can use the coupon code AGIRLINLA15 to score 15% off your purchase, or enter my Instagram giveaway for a chance to win one of your own.

Rock n air plants

It’s been three weeks since my air plants arrived and they’re looking just as gorgeous as the day I received them. I have to admit; I was a little nervous about inviting a living thing into my apartment. In the past any plants I’ve cared for have lived a very short life. After seeing how easy it is to care for my Rock n Air plants, I‘m going to start collecting them. If they’re taken care of properly, they can live a long time and will continue to grow.

Rock n air plants

I’ve partnered with Rock n Air to offer a lucky a winner an air plant that’s similar to one of mine! One winner will be randomly chosen on November 2, 2018.

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  • Official rules.

This article is sponsored by Rock n Air. Use the coupon code AGIRLINLA15 at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase.

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