Our Visit to SaunaBar LA: The Trending Holistic Weight Loss & Detox Center

SaunaBar LA

Our Visit to SaunaBar LA: The Trending Holistic Weight Loss & Detox Center

Last weekend A Girl in LA was invited to check out SaunaBar LA, Holistic Weight Loss and Detox. So we headed to Brentwood to see what all the hype was about. Before we went, we booked our appointment with Jourdan (the director), who was extremely informative and explained all the services that SaunaBar LA offered. We ultimately decided to try the infrared sauna.

What is an Infrared Sauna and What Does it Do?

Every day our bodies accumulate toxins that affect our energy levels, weigh us down and make us feel tired. With regular use of infrared sauna, you can remove these toxins. SaunaBar LA offers “full spectrum infrared rays (near, mid, and far), which provides a unique dual-action detox.” To aid in sweating out the toxins, the beds are lined with 440 jade stones. The infrared red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermis (up to ten inches), which helps you to detoxify, rebuild, and recharge on a cellular level.

There are many health and wellness benefits associated with infrared sauna use. It can help eliminate pain, tighten skin, help with weight loss, and reduce cellulite. It can also reduce stress, re-balance biorhythms that create a healthy sleep pattern, and strengthen immunity. We were excited to learn that in just one sauna cycle, you can burn up to 600 calories!


We arrived eager to experience the hot new form of wellness technology. First we met with the owner, Joseph Harounian who gave us a tour of the facility. He explained to us what services they offered and gave us a little history lesson on holistic healthcare.

Joseph explained how he and his staff meet individually with each new client to find out exactly what they’re looking for and incorporate it into their wellness plan. Acne breakouts? Sore muscles? Always tired? SaunaBar LA offers a variety of natural vitamins, essential oils, and makeup to help with these issues that can affect our daily lives.

Kristie’s Experience 

I suffer from chronic sinusitis and due to a car accident, I have a seriously messed up neck and back. Over the years I’ve gone to a chiropractor, had a lot of massage treatments, and gone to physical therapy. They all temporary help, but with time both my neck and back become painful again. The day before my appointment I did some research and read how infrared sauna pods not only helps with pain but it can also help with sinus headaches. The heat opens up your passages allowing them to clear. I arrived that morning with a horrible headache and my neck was stiff and bothering me.

We were lead into the room with the sauna pods which reminded me of a tanning bed. The staff explained that they can be set anywhere between 180 degrees to 220 degrees, but for first-timers, they’re set at 180. They told us if we needed anything there was a button on the top to press. I then changed into a t-shirt and gym shorts and was told to make sure that I wear socks. The socks are needed to keep the heat inside your body. I laid down and the top of the sauna pod closed so just my head was sticking out. The session was a total of 40 minutes; which flew by. I closed my eyes and listened to the relaxing music playing softly in the background. I was told that during the first 30 minutes I wouldn’t sweat; but during the last 10 minutes my body would release all its toxins. While I was laying there I could feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders so to speak. My body felt less tense and my headache started to fade away. Once I was done, I felt extremely relaxed and my mind felt much clearer. That night I got the best night’s sleep of my life.

Nara’s Experience 

My visit to SaunaBar LA came at the perfect time. A week before my visit, I was in a car accident that left my back in spasm shock. Before this experience, I was unfamiliar with what the purpose of infrared sauna pods were. After doing a little research, I was pleased to learn sauna pods provided amazing benefits in a holistic approach. I was looking forward to relieving the discomfort I was experiencing from the accident.

I entered a room with two sauna pods separated by a himalayan salt lamp on a pillar. The room was infused with the smell of lavender oil. Lavender aids with respiratory problems, increases circulation, and helps to relieve pain, which I felt was an appropriate scent for the room. I will admit, I was a little skeptical to enter the pod. I feared that I would become trapped inside and not be able to get out. I know, silly right? The staff member was very comforting and demonstrated that the sauna pod door was easy to lift up. The pod was lined with jade stones, which help facilitate the sweating process. A towel was laid on top of the stones to absorb sweat. I laid down and the attendant closed the sauna door. I took this time to refrain from thinking of any negative events in my life, and cleared my head. I fell asleep for half the time and the other half I enjoyed the relaxing music playing in the background. As Kristie mentioned, we were made aware that we would not sweat until the remaining 10 minutes. I rarely sweat so I did not think much of it. During the last 10 minutes I felt my body temperature increase, and I felt a little perspiration, which generated a cooling off effect.

The infrared sauna was one of the most rewarding experiences I have subjected my body to in a while. I work in a very stressful industry, so it was good to just have 40 minutes to myself and not have to worry about answering to anyone. I felt a sense of overall well being after leaving the experience. My back felt less tense and I could finally sit up straight, which was difficult before my arrival. I also felt lighter and excited to have burned 600 calories. Overall, I will be back to SaunaBar as it gave me whole new appreciation for loving myself and my body.

Time to Rehydrate

Once we were done, we stopped at the desk to try their wellness drinks. It is important to rehydrate after your session since your body has released its toxins through sweating. I choose “Heart Happy”, and Nara choose “Radiant Skin” both by Made With Love. They both tasted incredible. There’s a variety of drinks to choose from like H Factor’s Hydrogen Infused Water, Coconut Cult’s probiotic yogurt, as well as various juice shots. As we were rehydrating, we both commented on how great we felt overall and talked about how this treatment could become addicting–in a good way. The SaunaBar experience is first rate and very rewarding. We totally recommend it.

Wellness Services

There are two types of wellness options to choose from; detox and slim.

Under detox, the infrared sauna, magnesphere, and lymphatic massage are included. Magnesphere is a form of magnetic therapy that aids in eliminating pain, stiffness, and stress through energy healing. The lymphatic massage is a massage aimed at helping with the appearance of cellulite, reducing water retention, and for detoxification.

Slim includes transformation program, body composition analysis, and ALCAT food sensitivity. The transformation program is an all natural weight loss program with the sole purpose of prompt weight loss of 10-20 pounds during 3 weeks. Body composition analysis is the study of what your body is made of, to better determine what health decisions you should make. The ALCAT food sensitivity testing program is a blood test that determines what foods are harming your body, making you sick, or potential factors of weight gain.

Why You Should Join

SaunaBar LA has amazing packages and memberships incase you become hooked–which you most likely will. Packages are offered in session format. Sessions include options of infrared sauna pod, lymphatic massage, or magnesphere. One session is $70, 10 sessions $590, and 20 sessions $1,100.

There are three types of membership levels; refresh, rejuvenate, and radiate. Refresh membership includes 8 sessions for $280 a month, rejuvenate 12 sessions for $360 a month, and radiate 16 sessions for $395 a month. Being a member has its perks! All sessions roll over for 30 days in case you cannot make it to all your monthly sessions. If interested in any additional services, they are only $35. All juices, shots, and products are 10% off and you are gifted with a SaunaBar water bottle that grants you unlimited refills on electrolyte infused alkaline water. Members are also given 3 guest passes per month so you can bring your friends along.

Booking on their App

If you’re a super busy person, which most of us are, SaunaBar has made it easy to book sessions. You simply download their app in the Apple or Android store. The app is very simple to use. When you open it, the types of services are listed on the home page, with their description. All you have to do is click on the sidebar and select “appointment.” You will then be prompted to select your service and then the calendar option will show up. From there, you can select the time you would prefer your service. The person performing the service will also show up. Then all you have to do is include any special notes, confirm, and book appointment!

SaunaBar LA // 11677 San Vicente Blvd #208 Los Angeles, CA 90049 // 310. 652.5522 // [email protected] // M-Th 9am – 8pm, F 9am – 6pm, Sa 9am – 5pm.

*Sponsored by SaunaBar

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