What I Loved in March

What I Loved in March 2020

What I Loved in March

A collection of things I loved in March, from beauty products and fashion to entertainment and everything in between.

Since January I’ve been following the COVID-19 outbreak, and I knew it was only a matter of time until it reached the United States. Even though I was aware at some point this would happen, never in a million years could I have mentally prepared for what is going on. On Wednesday, March 11th, it seemed like the world slowed down, leading to a nightmarish reality. Since then, we’ve officially hit the pause button on life, and it’s a scary and surreal experience. Two weeks ago I was planning to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend in Palm Springs (which we had to cancel), and now I’m doing my best not to leave my apartment. I, like everyone else, have had to change my way of living. Last month I began a series that featured a few of my favorite things. This month, however, everything that’s on my list centers around being stuck inside. From food delivery services to workout equipment, these are five things that have gotten me through the month of March.

Before we were in full-blown pandemic mode, I was shopping at Whole Foods and did something I hadn’t done in years: I stocked up on frozen food (just in case). Anyone that knows me, knows I hate anything that comes out of the freezer (except for ice cream), but in times like this I’m not going to be picky. I grabbed a few boxes of onion rings, waffle fries, and meatless nuggets and then set off to the condiment aisle. While I was looking for ketchup, I came across Truff Hot Sauce. It looked so savory that I ended up heading home and cooking up the nuggets just to try it. I have to say that the truffle hot sauce was insanely delicious, and the nuggets took me by surprise—they were actually really good! Maybe I’ll rethink avoiding the frozen food section from now on? 

What I Loved in March 2020

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Aside from doing my best to avoid catching the coronavirus, one of my main priorities is staying healthy (mind, body, and soul), and in order to do that I need to continue with my fitness regime. When I got the news that L.A. County was shutting down gyms (including apartment workout facilities), I sprung into action. I went online and purchased various exercise equipment to help get me through this. Now, mine and Billy’s entryway has become our “home gym.” It’s definitely been a transition but since I’m working out different muscles, I’m a lot sorer than usual which is a good thing. 

I’ve been using the delivery service, Thistle.co for over a year now, and I appreciate it even more at a time like this. Two to three days a week I’ll get vegan pre-made meals (they also have meat options, but no dairy) delivered to my door. Their breakfast, lunches, and snacks are ready to eat, while their dinners require being heated on the stovetop for five to seven minutes. Each week I look forward to seeing what’s on the menu and then I customize my order. I love the delicious and healthy choices I can pick from, and how they take little time (if any) to make.

If there’s something that can get my mind off being stuck indoors, it’s the thought of a new TV series. When Little Fires Everywhere premiered a few weeks ago, I streamed the first three episodes in one night. This limited Hulu series is based on a best seller of the same name and it stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. It’s almost as if Reese’s Big Little Lies character Madeline picked up and moved to Ohio because the similarities between the two are striking.

About two weeks ago when everyone was running to their local stores to stock up (well, hoard) essentials, I went online and attempted to purchase groceries. I tried AmazonFresh, Target, Instacart, Vons, and Ralphs. They were either to overwhelmed to deliver or sold out of mostly everything. Then I discovered Thrive Market Place. Due to the high demand, there’s currently a delay in delivery but it’s much less than the other services. Thrive carries a variety of necessities from well-known healthy and organic brands. For food, they have snacks, pasta, baking goods, beverages, dinners and more to choose from. (You can shop by diet which is great since I’m a vegetarian and Billy is a vegan.) They also have a large supply of household items, beauty products, sports and fitness nutrition, and essentials for getting over the cold or flu.

Top 10 Songs of The Month

A * next to the title means it’s not new, but nonetheless deserves a spot on my playlist.

  1. j ember – Green Eyes
  2. Caution – The Killers
  3. Tonight – Donnie & Joe Emerson*
  4. Draw Me Your Favorite Funk – Psychic Mirrors*
  5. Dreaming in the Daytime – Tuxedo, MF DOOM*
  6. Dragonball Durag – Thundercat
  7. 47.48 – Childish Gambino
  8. Only God Knows – D-Flexx*
  9. Loyal (Remix) – PARTYNEXTDOOR ft. Drake + Bad Bunny
  10. Isis – Joyner Lucas, ft. Logic

I’d love to hear what products, services, or resources have helped you cope this month!

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