My Summer Obsession: Bare Republic’s Eco-friendly Skin and Hair Care Line

Bare Republic's

My Summer Obsession: Bare Republic’s Eco-friendly Skin and Hair Care Line

Every summer I find a new line of beauty products that really stand out among the rest. This year it’s Bare Republic’s Eco-friendly skin and hair care line. What I love about them this the fact that they smell great, they’re vegan friendly, they’re made with organic ingredients and they work wonders. Here’s a little bit about two of my favorites…

Eco-Active Hair care UV Protecting Dry Shampoo – 3oz, $14

I’ve been searching for the “perfect” dry shampoo for a long time. I’ve tried many well-known brands and every time I’ve been very disappointed. Most all of them have come in an aerosol can and left a film in my hair with a white residue. Bare Republic’s Dry Shampoo is different.

First, it’s a tannish powder that absorbs oil and cleanses your hair. Second, it doesn’t weigh your hair down, in fact it does the opposite and gives it volume. Third, it protects your hair against harmful UV rays. Attention blondes: it’s paraben and sulfate-free and it’s color safe so you don’t have to worry about the sun turning your hair a brassy shade of orange. And, did I mention it smells AMAZING?

This Dry Shampoo blends with any hair color or hair type. It’s made with a natural “super grain” that provides volume and keeps color in place. The super-absorbent white clay detoxifies hair and restores moisture to dry and brittle hair while adding a natural shine.

Daily Recovery After Sun Serum – 6oz, $11.99

We’ve all been the situation when we’ve stayed out in the sun too long and didn’t apply our suntan lotion as often as we should. We get out of the shower and can see the redness and feel our skin burning. This is where Bare Republic’s After Sun Lotion comes in.

This unique after sun serum is packed with rich natural ingredients like manuka honey, oat milk, turmeric, melon extract and Aloe Vera, as well as other natural oils like carrot, hemp seed, coconut and meadowfoam seed oil that helps replenish and hydrate your skin.

Not only does this serum smell great (like an oatmeal cookie), it has so many amazing benefits like restoring the skin barrier, reducing itchiness and calming inflammation. It helps to stimulate new cell growth and consists of vitamins, antioxidants, and rich fatty acids while helping to fight sun damage caused by free radicals.

Bare Republics After Sun Lotion is perfect for anyone who overdid it in the sun and can be used on your face and body. It can also be used as a moisturizer, but don’t forget the SPF!

You can find Bare Republic’s Line of Eco-Friendly products on their website, at your local Target or other fine retailers.

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