30 Things Every Woman Should Own

every woman should own

30 Things Every Woman Should Own

There’s more to being a grown ass women than having a killer job, and a killer wardrobe. We get to a certain point in our lives when we realize our homes aren’t just a stop in between endless meetings, dates, and brunches. That they should in fact be well organized, respectable, and show off our own unique style. Here is my list of 30 things that every woman should own. These essentials will make your everyday tasks a little bit easier, and will spruce up your home decor.

Humidifier / Diffuser

Dry eyes, allergies, cracked lips having a humidifier in your home can help, especially if you live in a city. I suffer from ongoing sinus issues and noticed a huge difference ever since I started using one. I prefer a humidifier that doubles as a diffuser so that I’m able to add my favorite essential oils    peppermint and eucalyptus to clear my head, and lavender to help me relax.

Every Woman Should Own


H4 Hybrid Humidifier  / $159

Good Quality Sheets 

When choosing which sheets to buy I stick with whites, grays, and lavender colors and always choose Egyptian cotton with at least a 300 thread-count. The best cotton in the world is grown in Egypt, so you know they’re going to be super soft.

every woman should own


Celeste Sheets / $165 - $270

Tool Kit 

Whether you’re hanging pictures or doing a DIY project, owning a basic tool kit is a must. You never know when you’re going to need a hammer, wrench, or a drill. I find myself reaching for mine more and more as I continue to update my apartment. Bonus: this one is pink!

Every Woman Should Own


15 Piece Tool Set / $15.19


A good quality vacuum is a necessity. For years I used one that a friend had given me and it barely worked. Since half my apartment is carpeted and half is flooring, I decided to upgrade and purchase a wet and dry vacuum. They are very powerful and versatile; and they can replace your broom, mop, and bucket.

Every Woman Should Own


Pure Air Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner / $129

Filtered Shower Head

Depending on where you live, the quality of water may not be great for your hair. Hard water contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Those may be great in the form of a supplement, but when they latch onto your skin and hair it can create dermatitis, itching, and dry skin. When I moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts, I immediately noticed the difference in my hair it became dry and brittle. I decided to purchase a filtered shower head and it has made a huge difference my hair is soft and shiny once again.

Every Woman Should Own

Speakman Hotel

Pure Filtered Shower Head / $48


Garment steamers are more efficient than your typical iron. They also save space since you don’t need an ironing board. Years ago I ruined clothes regularly by attempting to iron them. Never again. With a steamer I don't need to worry about burning them.The process is much more gentle and the clothes remain wrinkle-free for much longer.

Every Woman Should Own


X-Cel Steam Steamer / $52.90

Water Filter

Save money by opting for a good quality water filter, rather than splurging on bottled water. Hi-tech water filters will get rid of minerals, dirt, and other chemicals found in tap water. Filtered water is better tasting and smelling. Another benefit is that it can help protect us from many diseases and cancers and improve our overall health.

Every Woman Should Own


6-cup White Filter / $28.99

Sewing Kit 

You don’t need to have the skills of a professional seamstress, but you should know the basics; like how to sew on a button, stitch a hole, and raise a hem. Sewing was never something I was good at I failed my Home Ec sewing project in junior high. When I first moved to Los Angeles and I was on my own, I figured there was no better time than the present to learn. Now, I save a lot of money doing the small things myself and I’ll take my clothes to the tailor for the tricker things, like alterations.

Every Woman Should Own

Mad Hatter General Store

Pocket Sewing Kit / $11

Survival Kit 

Different parts of the world experience different types of natural disasters: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and blizzards. Being caught in one of these can be a horrible experience, but think about how much worse it would be if you’re not prepared. Having a survival kit gives me a little bit of comfort. Another option is to create your own. For a complete list of things you should have in your home and car, check out Ready Gov’s list.

every woman should own

Stealth Angel

2 Person Elite Survival Kit (72 Hours) $148

Smart Bulbs

They can wirelessly connect to your phone apps, be dimmed without having a dimmer switch, be controlled when you’re not home, and save you a ton of money because they are more energy efficient. A few years ago my boyfriend was given the Phillips Hue bulbs as a gift, and I’ve literally taken them over! I’m obsessed with how each bulb can be set to a different color, that they can “pulse”, be set to music, and wake you up naturally with “sunlight”.

Every Woman Should Own


White and Color Ambiance Smart Bulbs / $150

Streaming Box 

There are so many different streaming boxes out there Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Plus, Chromecast, etc. They all connect to your home wireless network and bring the Internet video straight to your TV. You can stream apps and channels like HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Plex, and many more. I’m a huge fan of Apple TV which connects to your TV via an HDMI cable. I had the very first one made and continue to upgrade. Over the last five years I notice that I’m watching less cable TV and more Apple TV.

Every Woman Should Own

Apple TV 4K / $169


Put the huge speakers away and opt for something that takes up less space, but will give you the same amazing quality. Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly to your phone or computer so you can stream music and podcasts from anywhere. These are a must for me because I listen to music all the time and I prefer external speakers over my laptops internal speakers. Another reason I need them is for entertaining; especially during the summer. My boyfriend and I like to have friends over to grill and hangout by the pool, so having speakers that can easily be transported is a must.

Every Woman Should Own

Audio Pro

Addon C5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker / $199


Your phone’s camera can be convenient when you have good lighting, but what about when it’s nighttime or you’re in a dimly lit restaurant? That’s why I love having an actual camera. It allows me to take photos that are professional looking and that don’t need a lot of editing. I also love how the Canon PowerShot has video recording, face recognition, and wifi technology so that my photos can be easily uploaded to share with friends and family. Other benefits are that you can control the white balance and aperture setting.

Every Woman Should Own


PowerShot SX530 HS / $260

Wine Glasses

Whether you’re having a girls night or hosting a dinner, having mismatched or chipped wine glasses is a bad form etiquette. When choosing which type of glasses are right for me, I like a classic and elegant style, and I make sure they’re dishwasher safe because who likes washing by hand?

Every Woman Should Own

Kate Spade New York

Larabee Dot Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4) / $50


The same goes for dinnerware. Save the old or mismatched plates for when you’re dining by yourself. When I’m choosing what kind of dinnerware to purchase, I like to buy a set rather than individual pieces. I also make sure it’s cohesive with my wine and drinking glasses.

Every Woman Should Own

Kate Spade New York

Larabee Road 5-Piece Place Setting / $165


Setting up a bar cart or a bar area is a must for any well put together home. It’s also proper etiquette to offer your guests a drink. With that said, having a good quality cocktail shaker set (and knowing how to properly use it) is a must. You should master a few of your own signature drinks to offer your guests. I like to experiment by looking for inspo in a recipe book such as; The Savoy Cocktail Book and become a professional mixologist host.

Old Dutch Cocktail Shaker Set

Old Dutch

Cocktail Shaker Set (5 PC) / $59

French Press 

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker your house guests may be. There are many benefits to owning a french press vs your typical coffee maker. A french press won’t soak up the flavor like a coffee maker does, which makes it taste much better. They’re also much easier to store away (although with this rose gold one you’ll probably want to keep it on your countertop). I also keep coffee making necessities in my home: Intelligentsia coffee, grinder, almond milk, sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Every Woman Should Own


'Eileen' 8-Cup French Press / $34

Mason Jars 

Mason jars are the answer to a perfectly organized pantry. I like to store things like flour, chocolate chips, pancake mix, nuts, shredded coconut, rice, granola, quinoa, and sugar in them. I then label and stack them away for easy use. During the summer months, they can double as glasses to serve fresh squeezed lemonade or sangria in.

Every Woman Should Own


Glass Mason Jars, 12ct / $8.49


The days of hanging posters on your walls should be long gone. Having framed artwork can put the finishing touches on your home and make it look more put together. Buying art doesn’t need to be super expensive. There are many websites out there that sell unique photos and canvases. Some of my favorites (and inexpensive) are Society6, Ikonick, and iamfy.co.

Every Woman Should Own

Art & Found

Ankita Thakur (Framed) / $329


Whether your decor consists of fresh flowers every week, or you receive a bouquet only on the holidays, having a stunning vase to show them off is a must. I love going to the farmer’s market each week to pick out a fresh flowers to add color to my apartment.

every women should own


Pearl Vase / $22

Coffee Table Books 

Coffee table books can upgrade decor by adding a splash of color and making your place look chic. I love to display them all around my apartment. They’re good for conversation, and entertaining. Often friends will come over and immediately flip through my latest books on display.

Every Woman Should Own


Oscar de la Renta / $88


Whether you're hosting a get-together, watching a movie with your significant other, or just sitting at home relaxing by yourself, having amazing smelling candles lit adds a little something to your space. I like to choose different scents for the different seasons. For the fall and winter months, my go-tos are marshmallow, gingerbread, cashmere, and wintergreen. During the spring and summer, I love florals, coconut, grapefruit, linen, rain, and beach scents.

Every Woman Should Own


Prosecco Bellini 12 oz. Classic Maison Candle / $27

A Few Plants or Cactuses 

Bring the outside indoors by adding a touch of plant life to your decor. I like to have a few cactuses on my windowsill, and an Areca Palm in my entryway, which brightens up my home. There are other benefits to adding green life to your place; they can purify the air; creating a relaxing ambiance; and they’re linked to reduced stress levels.

every woman should own

Dypsis lutescens

Areca Palm Tree / $70

Personalized Stationery 

Fine stationery shows the recipient that you care. Sure, you could send a text message, or an email, but when you take the time to write out a thank you or congratulations, it has a lot more meaning. I love sending out note cards that are personalized with my name. When choosing stationary I usually opt for Smythson. They’re designs are timeless, elegant, and classy.

Every Woman Should Own


Tropical Flamingo Notelets / $60

Fancy Perfume 

Having a great smelling perfume that you can spray on before work or before a date is a must for any lady. Bond No. 9 is my go-to perfume label. The signature bottles are beautiful and all their scents smell amazing.

every woman should own


Chinatown Perfume / $350

Fluffy Bathrobe

Whether your stepping out of the shower and it’s chilly, or your bringing the spa to your home, a fluffy bathrobe is a must. They remind me of vacations where I’d wake up, put one on and order room service. They are also great just to wear for a relaxing evening at home to be cozy in.

Every Woman Should Own

Linum Home Textiles

Monogrammed Bathrobe / $45

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes do more than what a basic toothbrush can do. They’re better at removing plaque, stains, and preventing cavities. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and the winner is the Issa 2 from Foreo. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it...and you can’t put a price on your teeth and gums.

Every Woman Should Own


Issa 2 Silicone Sonic Toothbrush / $169

Fashion Emergency Kit 

This TSA approved kit comes with everything you need for a night out, a night away from home, or to take on your flight. I love how the Minimergency kit is compact and can easily fit in my purse. It also feels great knowing that I’m prepared for whatever situation that may arise.

every woman should own

Pinch Provisions

Minimergency® Kit For Her / $20

Jewelry Cleaner 

You have the perfect outfit on and throw on your staple jewelry only to notice it’s tarnished. This can ruin your outfit and make you look the opposite of put together. Every so often I’ll check my jewelry and if it’s starting to look like it’s losing its sparkle, I’ll throw it in the cleaning solution and get the shine back.

Every Woman Should Own


Jewelry Cleaner Set / $25

Pepper Spray 

It may seem depressing having to think about personal protection, but it’s better to be safe (and cute) than sorry! I love how this isn’t your average pepper spray, and how it’s adorned in crystals. PS: Before you buy, check the rules and regulations for your state.

Every Woman Should Own


Rhinestone Pepper Spray Keychain / $18.07

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